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Super Mario Galaxy 2 with Yoshi!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

In 2007 Super Mario Galaxy swept the world with its amazing platfoming gameplay. Many thought it couldn’t be done, but behold, Super Mario Galaxy 2 may actually be even better than the original in both its gameplay and brilliant musical score. It’s just about everything you’d expect from Nintendo, and at the same time, it’s so much more. As a sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 stands tall as a titan among sequels, and stomps on any fears or notions that I may be a simple rehash of the original with a few tweaks here and there. For a game like this, the question isn’t whether or not you should buy it, it’s why you wouldn’t . Let’s discuss some of the biggest selling points, and where, perhaps, Super Mario Galaxy 2 might fall a little short.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer Youtube by Machinima 

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Return of the World Map
Let’s start with the return of a world map that should look familiar to old vets of the Super Mario franchise. It’s reminiscent of Old School Mario games and makes finding and selecting the galaxy you want to visit effortless. Players still have the opportunity to traverse the sort of sand-box style Mario spaceship, but it’s nice to just pick your level and jump right in. I must confess, and perhaps I’m the only one who experienced this, but I found the layout of the previous Mario game to be somewhat of a hassle when it came to selecting a level. So this change was most welcome, for me at least, if no one else.
Super Mari Galaxy 2 Level design
Super Mario Galaxy 2 continues, nay, surpasses the level designs that made the first game such a success. The sheer level of variety in the levels is mind blowing. How the minds that conceived such vision haven’t burst from containing so much brilliance is a mystery. I know that’s very high praise, but you know what, the minds behind Super Mario Galaxy 2 deserve it and then some. Each level and challenges gets progressively more challenging. Some you could do in your sleep, others will test your patience in ways you never thought possible. It’s not many games that can be so challenging and yet have that certain something that has players persevering despite their irritation and frustration. And I think I know what it is. Super Mario Galaxy is a high risk high reward kind of game. If one strategy doesn’t work, another one could. If that doesn’t work you’ll have to think of another one. And when you finally overcome the challenge, you smile a little wider, the air is just a bit sweeter, and you’ll feel that rush to complete the next challenge.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yoshi Saves the Day
Each level has its own theme and unique twists. There is also plenty of side-view platforming that is fast paced and carries on the feeling of old super Mario games. Also check for those comic coins to get highly difficult yet rewarding challenges. There’s so much replay value you will spend dozens of hours playing this game. Yoshi is there to lend a hand to Mario and Luigi. When I found out Yoshi was going to be in Super Mario Galaxy, I flipped out.  It’s so much fun to hop on Yoshi’s back, run around, and gobble up enemies. And Yoshi comes with new powers as well, like Blue Puff Yoshi, as I’ve come to call him, with the power to inflate like a balloon and reach great heights,  and Spark Yoshi, another name I like, with the power to illuminate dark places. Mario has some new abilities as well in the form of new suits such as cloud Mario, where players can create their own clouds to land on and traverse gaps that would normally be too wide to jump over, as well as old favorites like Bee Suit Mario. There’s also what I like to call Goron Mario, for those who are familiar with the Zelda franchise, and there’s a cool drill that lets you dig through soft spots in certain levels. And when Mario goes through a 2d level, you’ll realize this game is more than just running and jumping from one platform to the next as you’ll have fun with changing angles, gravity, perspectives, angles, wall hugging, head-dangling, and more.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yoshi Gameplay Youtube by GoNintendoRMC

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Controls

The controls are easier and the camera has seen some vast, much-needed improvements, but there were still a few hiccups here and there. Still, compared to the previous game, the camera has been fixed as far as I’m concerned.  Every star introduces some new game mechanic.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Boss Fights
Boss fights require different strategy to overcome. And part of the fun is figuring it out. Bowser is especially fun to play against, which is great because he was a tad bit annoying and repetitive in the previous game. And that doesn’t mean he won’t challenge you like last time. As with any Mario game, it takes precision timing and practice to take down this hulking behemoth. However, taking Bowser down a few pegs is always worth the effort, even if it takes several tries.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Final Verdict 
There are a few minor flaws in Super Mario Galaxy 2. However, these are few and far between. Some parts of the game are a little too easy. At times the camera isn’t perfect, but that’s something the Mario franchise has always struggled with since Super Mario 64. And there are a few challenges that even hardcore platform gamers will find challenging, and I can’t help but wonder if a lil kiddo has a chance at times. But all that is actually me picking at what little there is to complain about and in no way breaks or hinders the overall experience that is Super Mario Galaxy 2. For some of the best gameplay mechanics I’ve ever had the privilege to play in a video game, surpassing even the first Mario Galaxy, spectacular level designs, providing creative twists and turns at every opportunity, and a gorgeous musical score that will stick in your hear for hours after you stop playing for the day, Super Mario Galaxy earns a perfect score of 10 out of 10. It’s been a while, not since Skyrim and Red Dead redemption have I granted a game the highest score, but Super Mario Galaxy deserves it without question. If you have a Wii, the one game you absolutely must own is Super Mario Galaxy 2. In my personal opinion, it is, as of now, the best video game for the Nintento Wii.

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