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Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. This is how I score games and a rough translation of what each score means. Keep in mind, each console, handheld, etc has its own strengths and weaknesses. As such, I rank games with that in mind. Just because a game for the Nintendo 3DS earns a 7 out of 10 while a game for the Xbox 360 or PS3 earns a 6 out of 10, doesn't necessarily mean the Nintendo 3DS game is better or that people will enjoy it more. I score with what a game should be capable of depending on what it is. A Nintendo Wii game might have a higher visual score added to the overall score than a PS3 game. And even though a PS3 game has better graphics in general, if I find it lacking compared to other PS3 games, it subtract more from the overall score. Make sense? Here is the break down of the final scores. I hope they help you in determining whether or not you should spend your hard earned money. Please note; You will notice a 5 is an average score. I think most games out there are "average". You can look at it as sort of a bell curve. And although I may not mention it in each individual review, any game earning a 7 or above also earns a personal recommendation from me.

1. DISGRACE: Is this a video game? Could have fooled me. To call this a game is an enormous stretch. Just about anyone and everyone should pass this game up. Absolutely disgraceful to place it on the market.

2. HORRIBLE: What a horrible game. A game with so many flaws it’s a chore just to play and near impossible to enjoy. Most likely a game to avoid.

3. POOR: This is a poor game with obvious flaws all over the place, overshadowing any potential the game may have. Might want to avoid this one.

4. MEH: A “Meh” score is just under average. Just barley a satisfactory game in some cases, in most, a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps a game best left for the fanatics.

5. AVERAGE: An average game. There’s not a lot that makes this game stand out. Nor is there anything that breaks the game. A game targeted mostly to die-hard fans.

6. DECENT: A decent game. Some elements and characteristics of the game rank it just above an average game. There are obvious flaws that can't be ignored, but not quite enough to outweigh the good aspects of the game.

7. STRONG: This is a strong game all around. However, Expect a few flaws here and there that could be improved upon.

8. EXCELLENT: An excellent game and one most players should consider purchasing. With the pros far outweighing the cons, a score of 8 means the game is solid all around with a few minor hiccups here and there that are mostly negligible.

9. OUTSTANDING: An Outstanding game. This is a game worthy of praise and admiration. The smallest of flaws keep it just short of “perfection”. Definitely a game worth purchasing.

10. LEGENDARY: A “Perfect” game. This is a game of the highest quality and value. This is a game worth every penny of the purchase price and then some. A game like this sets the bar for all games striving for greatness in its genre.

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