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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Modern warfare 3

Modern warfare 3 is a spectacular shooter and is a FPS that demands respect, and yes, that includes its rival Battlefield 3. Though Modern Warfare 3 has an older engine, it still manages to deliver stunning graphics and game mechanics that work in an intricate and extremely satisfying way; and hey, it's what the franchise is known for. Is it realistic for one soldier to take on an entire platoon on his own? Absolutely not! Should you care? NO! This game is about FUN, and while it's realistic characteristics and elements can be downright creepy in just how much realism it throws at you, the developers know that their fans want and expect. So it may not be "real" to take on 30+ enemies, but darn it, it's the fun that counts. And you will have fun.

Modern Warfare 3 Single Player

The single player experience is what I love about Modern Warfare 3. Unlike Battlefield 3, this campaign, the unfortunately short, is an immersing and heart-pounding, action-packed experience I'll be comparing all future FPR campaigns to in the future. Modern Warfare 3 picks up where the previous game left off. The player will be kicking the Russians out of the United States that just wraps the players up in a sense of patriotic pride and a drive to protect their homeland from invaders. Though early on in the game, one of my favorite levels is fighting through the streets of New York City as you take cover and shoot back with towers looming over you while you fight to take back the once populated and busy streets one one at a time. And as a guy who was born with New York City just around the corner, it felt especially satisfying to defend some beloved childhood memories associated with the Big Apple. Another level that was absolutely enthralling was the mission in Hanover, Germany, which played out like a modern day D-day landing. The initial approach is dramatic and epic in scope and really tears at your heart strings as American forces desperately strive to get a foothold on German soil to push back the Russians.The single player alone is enough to buy Modern Warfare 3 .

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

Modern Warfare 3: Open Mind

As I said in my last Call of Duty review, the premise of the Russian military having the capacity to take on America is ridiculous, and even more so against not just America the largest military superpower in the world, but other powers such as the UK, Germany, and France all at the same time. THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN. PERIOD. But, if not for that, there wouldn't be a game. Just try to go into Modern Warfare 3 with the mindset that yes, much of what you'll experience won't make much sense, but always remember it's the entertainment that counts, that's what you pay for in a video game. Now, backtracking to the visuals I briefly mentioned above, when asked if Modern Warfare 3's graphics are as good as Battlefield 3's, the simple and objective answer is, NO. Sorry Modern Warfare fans. But before Team Battlefield pats their bloated egos on the back, bear in mind that Modern Warfare 3's visuals are still remarkable, and downright stunning in certain parts of the campaign, giving Battlefield 3 a run for its money. Modern Warfare 3 is a close second when it comes to picturesque sets, maintaining visuals that will make you feel like you're really there dodging bullets in Berlin, New York, and Paris, and the effects are, arguably, second only to Battlefield. And that's saying A LOT. A LOT.

Modern Warfare 3: What's the Catch? 

So, having said all that, and as amazing as the campaign is, and it is amazing, there isn't much innovation added to the overall game play. It's more streamlined than anything else. Which is fine, nothing like a good tuneup, but a few added elements would have been much appreciated as far as overall game play is concerned. The story is complex and very interesting provided you care enough to connect a few dots yourself and extrapolate on a few key parts. Whether the developers wanted bits of the story to be ambiguous in meaning or if it was sheer oversight on their part, I'm not sure, but I actually don't mind that much. Still, I'm probably in the minority, and in the end, it might have backfired on the game somewhat.

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Just like the campaign, the multiplayer has seen more of a streamline optimization rather than an innovative overhaul. Again, I'm fine with that, but that's really something that should be done anyway when creating sequels with more money to throw at the project and better technology. A few more innovating elements can go a long way. That being said, the multiplayer is better than ever with a somewhat more balanced perk system. What I really enjoy about it is players can now help their team through the style of play they prefer. Some players are just naturally more aggressive in shooters and like to take the fight to the enemy, and others are more defensive, like to adapt to the circumstances and situation, and turn the enemies' plans on themselves.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Team Deathmatch: Dome

Modern Warfare 3: Perks and Killstreaks

The new perks and killstreaks help tailor the player's strengths in a way that is most beneficial to him/her and the team. A new mode dubbed "Kill confirmed" is especially fun as players must scramble to collect the dog tags of fall enemies for the kill to count and score your team some much needed points. This makes the fights all the more chaotic and hectic. Survival mode may not be something new to the FPS genre, but it's still engaging and exciting, especially when you're having fun with a friend. You face waves of increasingly difficult enemies, all the while you're raking up kills and earning points to upgrade equipment, weapons, and unlock perks and killsteak rewards. Again, nothing very new here, but an addicting option nonetheless.

Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops

Personally, I'm more of a traditional guy when it comes to online FPS shooters, my preferred mode is the oh so satisfying Team Death Match. There's just something rewarding about playing as teams, working together, and turning the tide of battle as you and your comrades formulate plans and strategies to take down the other team. This is especially gratifying is the other team was winning for the first half of the watch and all seemed lost. Co op SpecOps mode is back and better than even with an increased emphasis on cooperative play and collaboration. The missions are refreshing and varied, which was actually somewhat of a complaint of the previous game for all the differences SpecOps actually had. While the campaign is short, SpecOps will add hours upon hours of gameplay while you and a buddy strive against the challenging missions. Just take my advice and give it a shot for yourselves.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 The Final Verdict

For its stellar campaign and rewarding online game play, Modern Warfare will score high with me. At the end of the day, the campaign dwarfs the snore of a campaign that was Battlefield 3, and while the online multiplayer may not be as good as Battlefield 3, it's fairly close. And because of that, it will rank SLIGHTLY higher than Battlefield 3. It's worth mentioning that both games suffered from a few problems that held them back from greatness. The final verdict for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is an impressive 9 out of 10. And before either side has a brain aneurysm, I'll add this. I play Modern Warfare 3 mostly for the single player and Spec Ops, and Battlefield 3 mostly for the multiplayer online experience. A must buy for any FPS gamer, even a die-hard Battlefield fanatic.

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