Monday, March 25, 2013

Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Raider

Wow, has 3-d platforming come  a long way. Just looking back at the first few Tomb Raider games is enough to almost make you laugh. Get ready for an intense game, my friends. Many have waited at the edge of their seats for this game, and despite the controversies ie Laura being "handled" by the bad guy, etc, this is a game most will enjoy. Tomb Raider is a game I've been looking forward to. If you're thinking of buying the game, here's a link to Amazon. Most fans of Ms. Croft will want to. For the rest of you, perhaps this review will convince you to try the game for yourselves and make your own decision.

Tomb Raider Trailer Youtube by: IGN

Tomb Raider Platforming

The newest Tomb Raider nails heart-stopping, nail-biting leaps and Hail Mary's and crashes, and climbs, and snatching, and, yeah, I can go on for a while. Though not quite the badass double pistol shooting Laura most of us know and love, this younger albeit more inexperienced Ms. Croft gets the job done; and she looks exceptional while doing it. Her movements are so natural and fluent, even making small adjustments as she catches ledges and climbs, you as the player feel the experience all the more. You almost feel her exertions and fatigue. I'll put it to you another way, not only is her every movement believable, but I'm sure I'm not the only one sitting on my couch thinking I'm outta shape compared to this unassuming archaeologist.