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Just Dance 3 Bust a Move

Just Dance 3

Just Dance 3 is dancing games at their best. These are the party games of the younger generation and the up and coming generation. Like many universal games out there like Rock Band, this is another game that is just perfect for get togethers and good times with family and friends. .  You don’t even have to be someone who can bust a move on the dance floor well enough to draw a crowd around you. All you have to do is what the name implies and the rest will pretty much fall into place.

Just Dance 3 E3 Trailer Youtube by UBISOFT (Calm down Katy Perry....)

Just Dance 3 Party

Just Dance 3 is very similar to the other dancing games out there, but is more forgiving that games like Dance Central and even Dance Dance Revolution, which some may not consider to be a dancing game, but I thought I’d throw it in there anyways. Sometimes I suspect the key to success in the game is mostly in the arms. But I could be wrong. Players won’t need that much space to play Just Dance 3, unlike some other video games, and this is good as get togethers and parties can get crowded. And while Just Dance 3 may not have the complicated moves of the other games, such as Dance Central that will turn heads on the dance floor, it more than makes up for it with a long list of songs and genres for players to jam to, and because it’s generally easier, it’s much easier to pick up and dance away.

Just Dance 3 Choreography 

The choreography of the dances are tons of fun and bring about a surprisingly addictive element to the gameplay as players will strive to beat their previous scores, knowing that a few alterations here and there on their timing and moves will bump up that score just a bit. And there is also something surprisingly competitive about the game as well as you and friends can dace together and even compare scores to see who performed better. What is amazing still is that this game is compatible with 4 players. I’m not sure how it pulls it off, but it can be done. The dances with up to four players are specially choreographed to make the players dance together and in tandem with each other’s movements. This is an excellent addition as many games just have you dancing side by side but there is no real sense of dancing with a partner(s).  The only bad part is that out of the roughly 40 songs available to dance to, only some of them give you the option to play with up to four people at once.

Just Dance 3 Gameplay Youtube vid by chatgrimreaper

Just Dance 3 Player Performance

Just Dance 3 scores the player and provides a style rating. For example, there are creative, rhythm, and energetic. Though I suspect creative is just a nice way of saying you gave it a go at least as I typically got a creative when I didn’t perform well. There aren’t any pictures in this game, which I think is kind of a downer as my friends and I laughed so hard at pictures of us flailing around in other dancing games. Still, I know other’s didn’t like that and perhaps the absence of this feature will be a bonus for all those who just didn’t like it.

Just Dance 3 Just Create

Just Dance 3 has a mode called Just Create for the PS3 and the 360 versions. In this mode, players can create their own dance routines with the camera. I love this mode and it may be my favorite thing in the game besides playing with a few friends. What my friends and I like to do is make incredibly awkward and hard to pull off moves that make us feel like contortionists, and then watch each other attempt the moves to the best of their ability. You can spend hours doing this and in more than one occasion, Just Dance was the highlight of the party.

Just Dance 3 Final Verdict

Just Dance 3 is, again, the perfect game for playing with family and friends, and a must have for just about any party. It may be the best dance game for the Kinetct. I mostly played it on the 360 and was overjoyed to play a Kinect game that actually worked for once. Just Dance 3 isn’t perfect; there are times when the Kinect will actually spazz on you here and there. I would have liked more songs and choreography that supports up to four players. And at times, I really had no idea how I scored so well with one dance routine when I thought I actually failed miserably, and score so low when I thought I did fairly well in another. To this day I’m not entirely sure how this game rates a player’s performance, but in the end, I just don’t care that much, and neither will most people who buy this game. Just Dance 3 earns a satisfying 8 out of 10 and is perfect for just about any party or get together.

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