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Prototype 2 Cry 'Havoc' and Let Slip James Heller

Prototype 2

In Prototype 2 you can expect all of the action, destruction, mayhem, and chaos of the original. Maybe even more so with Prototype 2. The game is a bloodbath. It's brutal. Blood and gore may leak from your T.V. or computer screen. And your controller/keyboard might just explode. If you see any warnings of this, not to worry. It just means you're playing the game the way it's meant to be played. And anyone who likes the idea of becoming an unstoppable force of nature will be consumed. If you enjoyed Prototype, you'll want to get Prototype 2 .

Prototype 2 Gameplay

Prototype had it's flaws. One of the biggest players complained about was the clunky and at times, awkward controls. This has been somewhat fixed for the console in Prototpe 2. The controls are more responsive. Combat is smoother, tighter, and it's easier to smash anything and everything exactly the way you want to. But in a game like prototype where you kick helicopters out of the sky, smash tanks into the ground, and wipe out hundreds of soldiers all at once, it's not a game-breaking problem if players can't do exactly what they want to do with ease. However, it can be annoying for the more serious gamers.

Prototype 2 Red, Yellow, and Green

Open world games seem to have taken center stage, right next to first and third person shooters these days. And you won't hear me complain, especially when the open world is something exquisite like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption. In Prototype, the city is your playground of destruction and annihilation. Go where you want, when you want, and kill anything that stands in your way. That's about half the fun of the game right there. Traverse the city and knock everything out of your way, take down any military forces stupid enough to try and stop you, consume unsuspecting people for some stealthy escapes, blow something up, demolish entire city blocks into rubble, and continue on your merry way. This is the perfect game for those who just want to sit back and obliterate half a city in a day.

Prototype 2 Hurt Trailer

Prototype 2 More of the Same

Prototype 2 is exactly like its predecessor in the way you evolve Heller's abilities. And while he learns a few new abilities while keeping some of the old favorites, combat plays exactly the same in Prototype 2.  Players earn evolution points as they kill and destroy. This adds a fun and addicting element to the game as players will want to evolve and level their abilities to become truly unstoppable. And believe me, once you've leveled a few abilities a bit, nothing will stand against you for long. Players will love the area of attack abilities as nothing makes you feel more God-like than taking out an entire group of enemies with a single attack.

Prototype 2 No Problem

Prototype 2 is not the most challenging game out there. While the developers did a phenomenal job of making the players feel like they are the ultimate killing machine, it's not always to their advantage. Heller learns abilities so quickly, improves his existing abilities so fast, Prototype 2 essentially plays itself. There is almost no challenge and no matter how cool the combat visuals are, no matter how awesome the idea of taking on hundreds of foes without breaking a sweat seems on the surface, it can actually become a bit of a bore. There I said it. And I stand by it. This game is so easy it can become boring even as you're smashing tanks into the ground and tearing enemies to shreds. And that's not right. If the player is nearly invincible there is no suspense. What's so exciting if there's nothing on the face of the earth that could possibly hope to stop you? There's nothing exciting about that. Players need suspense. They need something that provides that kick of adrenaline. Because for all of the constant explosions and ripping people in half and slamming down on tanks, it just wasn't all that exciting, especially since I've played the original Prototype.

Prototype 2 Abilities

Prototype 2 Lackluster Plot

Prototype 2 is lacking in its plot. Trailers had players thinking it would be a game in which perhaps the protagonist's family has died. As such, it's understandable that so many people expected a personal, intimate story to unfold. Well, Heller is out to kill Mercer from the previous game, believing he is responsible for the death of his family. Sounds captivating in its own right. I mean, who doesn't like a revenge story. Only it comes across a bit shallow and fails to truly keep players invested. Many won't even care about Heller's story and will just go from one point to the next just to kill things.

Prototype 2 Enemies

What makes Prototype 2 even easier to beat is that the majority of the AI in the game are complete morons. Flailing around, trying to hit you but constantly miss, are slow to react, and fail to fully utilize their unique abilities. Plus, you're essentially a demi god and they couldn't do anything even if they were competent... Even the enemies that are supposed to provide some challenge are laughable at best in their attempts to take you down. You'll laugh, as you take them down. The laughter will become a grin. The grin will become mild amusement. The mild amusement may very well become a snore. What a shame. And even though there are a few new abilities at your disposal, some of which are really cool to see in action the first dozen times, Prototype 2 doesn't really offer anything new to combat and enemy AI. The AI were morons in the previous game, and they continue to flounder in Prototype 2.

Prototype 2 Graphics

Prototype 2 has decent graphics at best. There hasn't been that much improvements over its predecessor, and in some instances, the original Prototype looks better. There are times when the visuals look choppy. Sometimes it can appear bland, and during fights, it can even have a muddy quality that is just baffling considering all the constant explosions and flashes of light everywhere. It's decent enough I suppose, but I feel it could have been much better.

Prototype 2 PC Problems

As I have only played the game on a console, I cannot relate to the complaints I hear from those who played the game on the PC. But I can't I ignore them when giving my final verdict. From what I've read on different review sites, forums, etc, many people found the controls to be unresponsive and buggy at best, sometimes not even functioning the way they should. And there have been some who stated the game works fine on their computer. However, they seem to be in the minority and to have so many people complain about the same problem on such a massive scale is unacceptable.

Prototype 2 Final Verdict

Prototype 2 is packed with action and violence that will please many gamers with the sheer destruction and mayhem at their fingertips. However, all the action in the world means little if there is nothing at stake and the player is essentially invincible. Without suspense, there is very little excitement for the long haul. And that's the biggest problem of Prototype 2 besides the mediocre execution of the main story. All the good is not quite enough to negate the bad. And because of that, and all the reasons I listed above, Prototype 2 earns a 6 out of 10.

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